villaggio di babbo natale
villaggio di babbo natale
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Martina French, there is the first citizen positive for Coronavirus,it

Adesso è ufficiale: there is a positive Coronavirus person in Martina Franca,,it,The official arrived shortly before the hours,,it,March by the Health Director of the Hospital Presidium,,it,It is one of two swabs made yesterday,,it,one negative and one positive result,,it. The official has arrived,it…More

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Luciano Violante docente per un giorno all’istituto “Marconi”

The rights and duties explained to the boys,,it,Luciano Violante will hold a special conference,,it,the next,,it,for students of the comprehensive school "Marconi",,it,It will be a nice opportunity for debate,,it,animated by the president emeritus of the Chamber of Deputies who will also answer questions from pupils on the subject,,it,An argument,,it,that of rights and duties,,it,highly topical and important,,it,not only on a didactic level,,it,but also for the historical moment we are experiencing,,it. L’Onorevole Luciano Violante terrà una speciale conferenza,…More

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foto Martina calcio

The crisis in the Martina football intensifies,,it,The official statement of the company arrives with the announcement that the first team and juniors will not take the field this weekend,,it,With immense regret,,it,the ASD Martina Calcio,,it,announces the decision not to let the Junior Under come into play,,it,in tomorrow's race and the first team on the trip scheduled for Otranto on Sunday,,it,December p.v.,,co. Arriva il comunicato ufficiale della società con l’annuncio…More

Genchi, autore di una doppietta

Taranto is five,,it,hits the third win in a row and reaches the second place,,it,Turn the Panarelli team,,co,who liquidated the Agropoli practice with a net,,it,Practically the task was exhausted already in the first fraction,,it,with the Ionian in advantage of,,it,In the second half the result could have been even wider,,it,if there hadn't been some decisive interventions by goalkeeper Sanchez,,it,The novelty is in attack,,it,with Genchi, who starts with Favetta,,it,the rest does not change,,it, centra la terza vittoria di fila e raggiunge il secondo posto.…More

Oggiano, è tornato titolare

"Where were we,,it,It is worth remembering the famous phrase of Enzo Tortora's return to TV to explain Panarelli's debut,,it,and does it smoothly,,it,exactly as we had left it in June,,it,It looks like a real liberation,,it,From the first minutes when confidence with the is palpable,,it,From Spider's promises,,it,Taranto will play by heart,,it,have passed to the certainties of Panarelli,,co,the Taranto that is to memory,,it,In the end it ends,,it,for the rossoblu,,it,with an array that to all seemed more than obvious,,it?". It is worth remembering the famous phrase of the return on TV of,it…More


Taranto back to victory,,it,The derby with the Altamura takes the formation of Ragno,,it,who returns to smile after two consecutive defeats,,it,The ending is one to zero,,it,result of a service,,it,positive for the three points in the standings,,it,but still opaque in terms of ideas and continuity of play,,it,The Rossoblu team was certainly not at its best,,it,forced to win and above all in full defensive emergency,,it,And Spider also tried to change men and form,,it. Si prende il derby con l’Altamura la formazione di Ragno,…More

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